The First Post

I want to lay out the reasons for writing these posts, as well as what I expect from them.

First: I want a place that is semi-public where I can write about realizations, interesting problems, general science etc. While I don’t expect to ever to write about things not related to work, its not out of the realm of possibility. This is all part of an ongoing struggle to think more about the problems I am interested in.

Second, I guess I kind of like the idea of having a record of subjects and thoughts that I thought were important enough to record here. Whether I am venting frustrations about coding, thinking about thermodynamics and how confusing entropy can be, or just posting that I actually finished something, it might be cathartic to write about it.

Third: I suppose this is all also a way to try and make myself more accountable to myself. If I feel responsible to write a bit each week, maybe I will actually keep this website updated.

Lastly: I suppose I don’t really expect anyone to actually read any of this. I suppose that is okay. However, if someone is reading this, how are you? How is the future? But in all seriousness, This is not about finding some audience, although that would be fine, this is more about organizing what I am thinking about, and I would like to have a place that is accessible and a bit more permanent, rather than some journal that inevitably collects dust at the bottom of some box, in a dark closet, where a water leak slowly disintegrates the words I have written.